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Center for Leadership Development
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Designing to Lead in Uncertainty


  • Oct 27-Nov 5, 2020 at *ONLINE*, online course, Tuition: $1900  (#25448)   REGISTER
    The course is 12 hours (over 2 weeks): 8 synchronous and 4 asynchronous.
    October 27-29, 2020
    November 2 & 5, 2020


As organizations and governments struggle to keep up with the speed of change, the impacts of uncertainty on leaders condition their ability to make good decisions. Not having a clear idea of what the future will bring may have a debilitating effect on leaders, including hesitation and, possibly, delaying action.

This course explores new frameworks, tools, and methods adapted from the design process and the world of innovation, that will help develop a new awareness about uncertainty, including ways to understand it, navigate it, and communicate it.

The complexity of our world and the speed of technological change will make uncertainty increasingly influential in the work of government leaders. This course offers ways to understand that shift, by working with uncertainty rather than against it.

How You Will Benefit

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Develop design and problem-solving skills to be applied in multiple leadership contexts.
  2. Understand the value that creative approaches bring to uncertain situations and problems.
  3. Explore managing complex challenges through open-ended design and innovation processes.
  4. Evaluate the effects of VUCA environments on decision making and problem solving.
  5. Differentiate the effects that each one of the four VUCA disruptors has on the work of leaders.
  6. Create iterative problem-solving processes and apply them both individually and within a team.
  7. Visualize complex problems in order to communicate them to others, using basic sketching and
    diagramming techniques.
  8. Support both/and creative approaches to decision making and problem solving based on the integration
    of skills and expertise.

    Who Should Attend

    Executives and leaders who wrestle with complex challenges and need new tools to bring sustainable
    change to their teams and organizations. Changemakers who feel that the uncertainty of our time can’t be
    addressed with old tools and processes, and want to learn new methods to deliver value to the people they



    Additional Information

    Class Size
    Each Cohort will be capped at 24 participants to maximize learner/instructor interaction, group learning,
    collaboration, teamwork, and skills development.

    In addition to the instruction sessions, participants are required to complete a self-paced Team Studio Project
    Total Instruction time: 8 hours of synchronous instruction and 4 hours of asynchronous, self-paced, work