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Center for Leadership Development
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Coaching Skills for Leaders (formerly titled Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence)


  • Jul 12-14, 2021 at *ONLINE*, online course, Tuition: $2500  (#25317)   Limited Space
  • Sep 27-29, 2021 at *ONLINE*, online course, Tuition: $2500  (#25318)   REGISTER


Increasing demands on the federal workforce are requiring organizations to perform at higher levels with fewer resources and staff. Whether guiding employees to learn skills through on-the-job coaching, or mentoring employees through change and transition, coaching and mentoring can improve an organization's ability to succeed. This course explores how to use these important skills to help others develop technical and leadership skills to improve their organization's overall performance. Helping employees develop their leadership competencies can increase the organization's success by making staff more skilled at what they do and more effective at choosing the right methods to get their jobs done well.

Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:

1. Identify opportunities for employees to learn through formal or informal methods.
2. Anticipate potential conflict situations and diffuse them before they escalate.
3. Identify ways to leverage productive conflict.
4. Apply active listening, powerful inquiry, detailed feedback, and clarification of outcomes in employee development conversations.
5. Demonstrate empathy and respect to employees
6. Demonstrate openness and approachability to employees at all levels.

How You Will Benefit

· Develop coaching and mentoring skills to help others master leadership competencies and reach the next performance level, making productive
choices about career direction.
· Understand and practice how to conduct effective coaching sessions.
· Explore managing conflict through coaching.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a position to coach or mentor other employees, formally or informally. Managers or supervisors who may coach or mentor within their agency's succession plan, or who want to develop others on their staff.