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Center for Leadership Development
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Supervisory Development 2: Leadership Foundations


  • Nov 2-5, 2020 at *ONLINE*, online course, Tuition: $3300  (#25407)   REGISTER
    Formerly titled Supervisory Development: Learning to Lead
  • Feb 9-12, 2021 at Byron Rogers Federal Building, 1961 Stout Street, Suite 16-111, Denver, CO, Tuition: $3300  (#25408)   REGISTER
    Formerly titled Supervisory Development: Learning to Lead
  • Jun 21-24, 2021 at The Learning Center, Theodore Roosevelt Building, 1900 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20415, Tuition: $3300  (#25409)   REGISTER


Effective government managers need to supervise and lead to be successful. This course will develop your capacity to move employees from performance compliance to commitment for excellence. You will gain valuable insights into workplace motivation and employee engagement and adapt skills based on these insights into your leadership approach. This course can be combined with Supervisory Development I: Fundamentals for a two-week long that will integrate leadership with the nuts and bolts of supervision. When taken together, the weeks do not have to run consecutively.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the different ways people learn, think and conceptualize and modify your style in the interest of working most effectively with others
  • Learn strategies to shift from impasse, to resolution, to transformation in workplace conflicts
  • Explore the concepts of employee motivation and engagement
  • Network and learn from peers in other federal agencies facing the leadership and supervision challenge.
  • Apply and practice these skills to real workplace scenarios and develop strategies for applying learning to the workplace

Who Should Attend

New frontline supervisors and existing supervisors who have not yet completed formal leadership development. Frontline supervisors who want to refresh their understanding and refine their approach to leadership. Individuals with supervisory functions will also benefit from this course.



Additional Information

This course was previously titled Supervisory Development 2: Learning to Lead