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LEAD Institute Program: Manager


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The Office of Personnel Management's LEAD Institute empowers federal leaders to take charge of their professional development by providing a clear path to leadership education and development that's right for them and their careers. The LEAD Institute offers essential role-based leadership skills that help individuals fulfill their Individual Development Plan (IDP), putting them squarely on the path to career development.

By training tomorrow's leaders today, the LEAD Institute helps training officers, managers and supervisors meet the challenge of succession management. Within each role-based program, current and future leaders assess their leadership effectiveness, gain core knowledge and develop critical skills for leadership success, culminating with a certificate signed by the Director of OPM, formally recognizing the employee's achievement.

How a LEAD Institute Program Works

OPM created the LEAD Institute with busy federal professionals in mind, giving learners a path to complete an Institute program in just five months. Virtual classroom time is maximized by enhancing the transfer of learning through a variety of real-time and self-paced learning activities and program elements.

In each LEAD Institute program, rising and established federal leaders participate in content rich modules that provide:

  • Assessments of current leadership effectiveness and/or potential
  • Overviews of key leadership competencies critical to success
  • Intensive development of workplace relevant skills

LEAD Institute Program: Manager

The LEAD Institute Program: Manager is a ten-month course delivered in a blended learning format incorporating face-to-face meetings combined with both asynchronous and synchronous online activities including Webinars and activity assignments in a learning management system.

This program will provide federal career specialists with opportunities to learn and practice the skills and tools to:

  • Evaluate links to achieve powerful integration and alignment to execute on the agency’s mission, vision, and goals within the organizational cultural context.
  • Executes on the mission, vision, and goals of the organizations while operating from the middle and applies systems thinking to tackle complex problems.
  • Analyze key problems and take appropriate action within the best interest of the organization, while inspiring, motivating and sustaining individual and team engagement.
  • Create collaborative relationships with influential people across the organization to effectively manage change, conflict, and respond to resistance.
  • Develops key insights by questioning conventional approaches, encouraging new ideas and innovation, and by designing and implementing new or cutting-edge programs and processes.

How You Will Benefit

Together, learners will consider…

  • What are the lenses managers use to clearly understand their organization as a system?
  • What do managers need to know about themselves to navigate up, down, and across the organization to deploy themselves more effectively?
  • How can managers effectively and sustainably support and implement change in their organization?
  • How might managers learn to innovate the ways they utilize their authority while operating from the middle of the organization?
  • What are the critical activities managers should engage in to mobilize employees to address priorities and approach organizational challenges in the ever changing workplace environment.?
  • In what ways can managers foster a diverse and inclusive workforce where individual similarities and differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the organization?

Individually, learners will create learning action plans with concrete, measurable, time bound goals that will guide their professional development and transfer of learning back to their agencies.

Who Should Attend

Second-level leaders (e.g., duties include program management; direct work of an organizational unit; exercise influence, design and implement policy, and work in broad partnerships within and outside their agency; and/or supervisor of supervisors or accountable for success of specific line or staff functions)

Additional Information

Class Size

Each Cohort will be capped at 24 participants to maximize learner/instructor interaction, group learning, collaboration, teamwork, and skills development.

What is a Cohort Program?

The Cohort program is structured to engage learners in similar roles across federal service who bring their collective experiences to the Cohort’s learning environment, magnifying interaction and learning. Throughout the five months learners will interact, learn, and participate in projects with Cohort members in a classroom setting and a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online projects and activities which may include webinars, group work, assigned readings, and an online community of practice.