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Center for Leadership Development
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FHRI SS320: Advanced Strategic Staff Acquisition and Recruiting


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In this course, learners participate in a series of classroom activities to develop their knowledge and skills in influencing, managing, and improving organization-wide strategic recruiting efforts. Additionally, learners will apply employment branding and recruiting analytics concepts to attract and hire top talent. After completing the instructor-led training, learners will be given assignments to complete on the job to apply their new knowledge and skills immediately. Once participants have successfully completed this course based on passing scores for the post-test and completion of all OJT assignments, they will earn credit for the course.

How You Will Benefit

Competencies: Technical Areas, Competencies, and Proficiency Levels
• The HR Technical Area that this course aligns to is Staffing.
• The Staffing Technical competencies this course aligns to are:
o Staffing
o Agency Staffing Policies and Procedures
o Compensation
o Hiring Authorities
o Hiring Process Management
o Recruitment/Placement
o Strategic Recruitment
o Workforce Reshaping
• The HR General competencies that this course aligns to are:
o Attention to Detail
o Client Engagement/Change Management
o Creative Thinking
o Customer Service
o Decision Making
o Flexibility
o Influencing/Negotiating
o Information Management
o Integrity/Honesty
o Interpersonal Skills
o Legal, Government, and Jurisprudence
o Oral Communication
o Organizational Awareness
o Planning and Evaluating
o Problem Solving
o Project Management
o Reading
o Reasoning
o Self-Management
o Stress Tolerance
o Teamwork
o Technical Competence
o Workforce Planning
o Writing
• This course aligns with the Strategic, Practitioner role in the HR Professional Framework.
• This course most closely aligns to Proficiency Level 4 – Advanced, moving toward Level 5 – Expert.

Who Should Attend

Grade level(s): GS 13-15

Additional Information

Instructor Led 2 days, plus OJT