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Center for Leadership Development
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Executive Certificate Program in AI: Understanding and Application


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The Center for Leadership Developmentā€™s Federal Executive Institute is excited to partner with the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College and GSA Technology Transformation Services to offer a unique continuing professional development program for leaders on Artificial Intelligence.

The implications of Artificial Intelligence for federal government leaders are huge, and there is a real need for understanding this technology to maximize the benefits and mitigate the impacts. Civilian agencies are now using AI to provide citizens with new services and streamline the delivery of existing ones. At the same time, federal agencies are being called on to ensure AI applications are deployed appropriately with due consideration given to privacy, bias, and security risks.

This certificate program will consider ethical risks in AI technologies and strategies for managing those risks and how newfound interest in deploying AI is driven by a perfect storm of availability of data, more powerful computers and sensors, and better algorithms impacts federal government leaders.

How You Will Benefit

This pilot course will provide federal leaders with a practical guide to getting started with AI, and understanding how to manage the impact of this disruptive technology to the organization.

Who Should Attend

GS-15, SES Executives, and Leadership for a Democratic Society graduates