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Center for Leadership Development
Schedule at a Glance

Design School


  • Jul 20-24, 2020 at OPM Innovation Lab, 1900 E Street NW, SBH22, Tuition: $3500  (#24931)   REGISTER
    Start Time 9:00 AM | End Time: 4:30 PM


The goal of the Design School is to build design thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills for government. This week-long workshop experiments with new ways of teaching, learning, and applying human-centered design in the public sector. Through a mix of structured and unstructured offerings, participants will look at complex challenges through a series of different frames over the course of the week, focused on helping them to understand why, when, and how to apply design to public sector work.

How You Will Benefit

Participants will be exposed to the broader spectrum of design and how it can be applied to the public sector. Participants will also leave the workshop with new ways of approaching challenges through design and collaboration.

Who Should Attend

Anyone can join us that is willing to learn, build on existing skills, and embrace uncertainty and complexity! The workshop will benefit from the participation of a cross-sector of individuals, particularly those with interest in learning more about human-centered design in the public sector. No prior experience in human-centered design is required.



Additional Information

The Design School will deliver new content in new forms to illustrate the variety of ways in which design can be applied to public sector. Each day learning activities will be provided in a series of different locations, beginning at The Lab at OPM and moving to other locations. The workshop will be a mix of:

• Structured and unstructured offerings
• Formal and informal content delivery
• Site visits to innovation hubs in the DC area
• Studio work time
• Collaboration
• Networking

The Design School is a dynamic learning experience that focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, and data synthesis. All participants will be expected to come to the event with a challenge. After registration, The Lab at OPM will follow-up with participants to provide more detailed instructions and pre-work related to the course. This class is especially useful for people who want to deal with uncertainty in new ways and are open to nonlinear processes.