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Center for Leadership Development
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Immersive Design Studio: Working toward an inclusive labor market


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This multi-month series weaves together a Design Education experience that draws from several of our classes (The Fundamentals of Human-Centered Design, Visualizing Systems, Mapping Systems and Processes and more) plus original content and couples that with a real-world initiative described below.

This experience brings together experts with many points of view and experiences to pursue a shared objective of a fully inclusive U.S. labor market- a labor market where people with disabilities have access to education, services and opportunity resulting in sustainable, meaningful employment now and in the future. These experts come from areas such as state, local and federal government; community organizations; advocacy groups; philanthropic organizations and academic institutions.

How You Will Benefit

The Lab at OPM is running this multi-sector collaboration designed to generate artifacts that map the system of disability employment in the United States. Together, we will learn the fundamentals of human-centered design through a focus on the societal, legislative, economic and technological trends shaping the future of work and how they impact people with disabilities in order to develop a shared understanding of the actions needed to achieve a more inclusive future.

Who Should Attend


Experience relevant to the topic of inclusion in the labor force is preferred but not required.