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Center for Leadership Development
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Inter-Organizational Collaboration


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As leaders, we sometimes need to expand our perspectives and collaborate with others. Downsized workforces, intractable problems and difficult customers all create an increasing need for teamwork and partnerships. The evidence is all around us, there is a trend toward greater cooperation among Federal agencies, with state and local agencies, nonprofits and even private sector companies.

This program will introduce strategies on how organizations can best share resources, decision-making and ownership of the final product or service. We will address key questions of trust, differing administrative structures and cultures, and the egos and turf issues that often get in the way of cooperative efforts. You will be given the framework, tools and confidence to create change through proactive collaboration.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify the many ways successful collaboration will benefit your organization
  • Learn how other agencies are succeeding through collaboration and which "speed bumps" have slowed their progress
  • Develop strategies for anticipating and dealing with the issues you will face while collaborating
  • Create and apply a tested framework for implementing successful collaboration in your agency

Who Should Attend

SES members, GS-15s, and their equivalents in local, state and international government


Unless hosted at either EMDC, WMDC or FEI, lodging and meals are not included in the tuition.