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FHRI SS230: Workforce Planning Basic


  • Available online through December 31, 2021, Tuition: $240  (#25896)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by December 31, 2021 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.
  • Available online through March 31, 2022, Tuition: $240  (#26012)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by March 31, 2022 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.


Workforce planning is the foundation for managing an organization’s human capital and furthers an agency’s ability to hire qualified individuals to pursue its mission. Workforce planning is the systematic process for identifying and addressing the gaps between the workforce of today and the human capital needs of tomorrow. This course will introduce HR specialists to the basics of workforce planning and how it affects staffing and recruiting activities.
This course covers the following federal HR topics:

  • How workforce planning is used in the Federal workplace and how it affects staffing activities
  • Workforce planning data and analytics
  • Workforce reshaping
  • Developing staffing plans
  • Developing recruiting strategies based on workforce planning

How You Will Benefit

As a federal HR specialist, your expertise in workforce planning can enable your agency to directly align workforce requirements with strategic plans and goals. In this self-paced online course, you learn your role in helping your agency leadership identify the human capital required to meet organizational goals. Mastering the skills and strategies in workforce planning will help advance your career, setting you apart as a trusted HR advisor in your organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid- to senior-level HR specialists
  • Senior managers/executives seeking a federal HR staffing overview



Additional Information

This online course is approximately 3.5 hours long.

HR Competencies Emphasized

  • Staffing
    • Agency Staffing Policies and Procedures, Classification and Selection, Recruitment/Placement, Strategic Recruitment, Technical Documentation, Workforce Reshaping

  • General
    • Attention to Detail, Creative Thinking, Customer Service, Decision Making, Flexibility, Information Management, Integrity/Honesty, Interpersonal Skills, Legal, Government, and Jurisprudence, Oral Communication, Reading, Reasoning, Teamwork, Technical Competence, Writing