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Center for Leadership Development
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FHRI SS220: Guiding Recruitment and Selection Activities – Workshop


  • Mar 3-6, 2020 at US OPM, 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20415, 1900 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20415, Tuition: $1330  (#24950)   REGISTER


This workshop builds on a solid understanding of the technical aspects of staffing to develop the interpersonal and leadership skills required to lead teams in completing staffing projects effectively. Staffing Specialist project leads, team Leads, supervisors, or managers apply what they learned about guiding staff acquisition and selection activities in the SS210 Web-based Training course and Webinars.

After brief reviews of key concepts, participants engage in activities to apply what they know about the following topics, with guidance and feedback from instructors:

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Facility: FHRI
Location: Online
Cost: $875
Class ID: 23619

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