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FHRI SS120: Introduction to Staff Acquisition Activities in the Merit Promotion Process


  • Available online through December 31, 2021, Tuition: $480  (#25894)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by December 31, 2021 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.
  • Available online through March 31, 2022, Tuition: $480  (#26010)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by March 31, 2022 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.


As a federal staffing specialist, your role is integral in helping your agency put the right person in the right job at the right time. As part of our technical-level series of staffing courses, this course explains how you can assist more senior HR staffing specialists in planning for and conducting staff acquisition activities.
This course addresses the following federal HR topics:

  • Introduction to data analytics and recruiting
  • Job analysis
  • Placement
  • Classification as it relates to staffing
  • Determining an assessment strategy
  • Identifying compensation and benefits
  • Recruitment strategies and techniques
  • Public notice/JOA/qualification determinations
  • Reporting and accountability

How You Will Benefit

By learning the process for recruiting and attracting quality candidates under merit promotion principles, you can better fulfill federal employment hiring needs. Through an interactive web-based training platform, you’ll become more versed in the federal hiring process, enhancing your ability to support your agency’s acquisition efforts.

Who Should Attend

HR Specialists (GS-201) and HR Assistants (GS-203) in grades GS 7-9.

Additional Information

This is an 8-hour self-paced online course.

What Your Colleagues are Saying

“I learned more about my agency’s assessment tools and how we use cut-off scores that will help me better converse with my hiring managers on steps we can take to conduct more productive recruitments.”

General HR Competencies Emphasized

Oral Communication, Organizational Awareness, Planning and Evaluating, Problem Solving & Reasoning, Self-Management, Reasoning, Stress Tolerance, Technical Competence and Writing