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FHRI SS004: The Federal Hiring Process for Staffing Specialists


  • Available online through December 31, 2021, Tuition: $215  (#25890)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by December 31, 2021 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.
  • Available online through March 31, 2022, Tuition: $215  (#26006)   REGISTER
    **In order to receive credit for this asynchronous course you will need to complete the course by March 31, 2022 otherwise you will be marked incomplete.


Human Resource specialists play a critical role in the federal hiring process. As a staffing specialist, you’ll work closely with hiring managers throughout the entire seven steps of the process, which starts with recruitment consultations and ends with onboarding new hires. But what are the steps in between, and who else is involved? This course will provide you with an overview of each step in the process, setting you up for success as an HR professional.

How You Will Benefit

Through this self-paced online course, you’ll gain a basic understanding of the seven steps of the Federal hiring process:

  • What roles and responsibilities staffing specialists and other personnel have in the process.
  • How to be conversant in the context of the Federal hiring process.
  • Which laws and regulations, systems, and documentation, play into the process.
  • Where in the process you’ll interact with various customers.

Who Should Attend

  • Early career HR Specialists with 3 years or less of Federal HR experience
  • Current Federal HR specialists seeking a refresher course

Additional Information

This online course is approximately 3.5 hours long.

HR Competencies Emphasized

  • Staffing
    • Agency Staffing Policies and Procedures, Application Processing, Assessment Methods and Tools, Category Rating, Certification and Selection, Classification and Selection, Compensation, Employee Benefits, Hiring Authorities, Hiring Process Management, Job Analysis, Labor Law, Merit Systems Accountability, Public Notice/Job Opportunity Announcements, Recruitment/Placement, Strategic Recruitment, Technical Documentation, Veterans’ Preference

  • General
    • Attention to Detail, Flexibility, Integrity/Honesty, Customer Service, Information Management, Reading, Reasoning, Technical Competence