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Center for Leadership Development
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Mapping Systems and Processes


  • Jun 19, 2019 at OPM Innovation Lab, 1900 E Street NW, SBH22, Tuition: $600  (#24376)   REGISTER


Human-centered design brings to government the ability to visually represent complex systems, processes, and human interactions. While data visualizations and infographics are abstract representations of numbers, maps are graphic spaces designed to combine information and meaning. A map is a space of pathways and relationships that facilitates navigation and way-finding; but it is also a territory of possibility that invites the viewer to explore, discover, and envision. This condition of having multiple readings - objective and subjective, implicit and explicit, symbolic and literal, etc. situates mapping at the center of the human-design process.

How You Will Benefit

Participants will experience mapping as a practice and as a tool and will review essential mapping techniques such as stakeholder mapping, journey mapping, domain mapping, etc..

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in developing introductory level skills related to expressing and exploring systems and processes in a visual way in order to identify opportunities for improvement.