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Center for Leadership Development
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SES Enterprise Leadership Lab: Leading with Evidence: Innovative Strategies to Drive Effectiveness


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This SES Enterprise Leadership Lab explores emerging trends and innovations in how Senior Leaders can integrate data and evidence into ongoing decisions to ultimately produce better program outcomes and more effective policies.

Most Federal Senior Executives do not need to be convinced that credible evidence should be used as a regular part of decision-making processes – whether it’s deciding how to roll out a new policy, determining which programs are duplicative and which are most effective, or coming up with a promising reform strategy for an outdated or ineffective program or regulation.

You may know that some evidence exists, but sorting through the information can be daunting. How do you identify solid evidence strategies to select the most trustworthy and relevant information under time constraints and other pressures, including evidence that may be hidden within your agency? And when the evidence you have is lacking, what’s a Senior Executive to do?

Executives in the private industry rely heavily on data, analytics, and strategies like rapid cycle evaluations to inform decision making. Evidence informed policymaking is also supported at the Federal level, states, and in local governments, but what does this mean for you as a Senior Executive?

How You Will Benefit

This Lab will provide Federal Senior Executives with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss new developments in the government’s approach to building and using evidence as a leadership strategy to drive better decision making and achieve greater impact and efficiencies
  • Network with fellow Senior Executives in a hands-on, real-world simulation to leverage evidence in making budget, management or policy decisions under constraints you face in your executive role
  • Explore how to lead Federal initiatives and programs as an executive who creates a demand for, and supply of, trustworthy evidence that helps to produce better outcomes
  • Walk away with tangible strategies to ensure reliable evidence is included with other factors in decision making as you develop solutions to new and persistent problems

Who Should Attend

This Lab is for you if you are a Career SES, Senior Level (SL), Scientific or Professional (ST), or other Career SES equivalent who wants to appreciate the larger benefits of bringing credible evidence to bear in decision making as you lead initiatives within your agency and across agencies.

The Lab is not intended as a how-to for implementing OMB policy but rather is offered as a senior executive development opportunity to learn more about the application of evidence. The Lab is not a substitute for technical training in program evaluation or data analytics.



Additional Information

FEI’s SES Enterprise Leadership Labs are part of FEI’s SES Leading EDGE portfolio, a government-wide continuum of learning that strengthens the Senior Executive through all phases of the SES life cycle starting with entry into the SES.

To support continuing executive development, the SES Enterprise Leadership Labs are immersive, interactive programs that feature:

  • A 21st century strategic “hot topic” relevant to staying abreast about what it takes to deliver government excellence through constant and accelerating change

  • Dialogue with fellow SES leaders and subject matter experts to generate new perspectives and approaches to problem solving

  • Networking in a collegial learning environment to experiment with evidence-informed approaches to hone skills.


Tuition includes all educational services, materials, morning and afternoon break service and lunch.