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Collaborative Leadership


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The challenges of today's government environment require collaborative leadership skills more now than ever before. This course is designed to enhance the impact and influence you bring to work when collaborative and interdependent leadership skills are required. Set in the context of peer-to-peer leadership, this course will define and shape your mandate for leadership and collaboration regardless of your formal or informal position of authority or leadership in your organization.

A key learning strategy is applying what you learn to a real organizational issue. You will be asked to identify with their supervisor a problem, issue or unrealized opportunity for organizational improvement. This will form the basis of a project to apply the collaborative mindset during and after the course.

You will craft and implement a strategic action plan that will demonstrate your personal leadership and link your individual strengths and talents to your agency's mission.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn to project and exercise personal authority to get things done and influence decisions.
  • Recognize your strengths and learn to deploy them strategically to create collaborative organizational outcomes.
  • Identify key roles, skills and mental models needed to support collaboration and assess your organization in terms of its ability to collaborate and how you can impact this.
  • Explore diversity within a group environment and the contributions that diverse perspectives lend to collaboration, problem solving and entrepreneurial thought.
  • Improve your understanding of peer leadership and group dynamics in order to increase your ability to influence others and contribute to high quality group work environments.

Who Should Attend

  • Leadership Assessment Program graduates
  • Presidential Management Fellows and all those considering, or being considered for, formal supervisory or management positions
  • Project leaders, professional and technical specialists, analysts and those who must work effectively with and through others
  • Anyone wanting to learn collaborative leadership skills

This course meets one of the requirements for the Professional level of the Leadership Education and Deverlopment (LEAD) Certificate program. For more information go to the LEAD certificate  page.

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Unless the course is listed as RESIDENTIAL, lodging and meals are not included in the tuition.