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Center for Leadership Development
Schedule at a Glance

Leadership Assessment Program Level 2


  • Aug 9-13, 2021 at *ONLINE*, online course, Tuition: $5120  (#25346)   REGISTER
    Start Time: 8:30 AM | End Time: 5:00 PM


To give experienced supervisors and managers insight into their strengths and weaknesses, participants will be evaluated in several leadership competency areas. Individuals attending this program receive personalized feedback from several sources, including: 360-degree multi-rater feedback instrumentation, assessment specialists, peer feedback, experiential exercises, and personal inventories. Through lectures, exercises, assessment questionnaires, and individual feedback, LAP-II helps supervisors and managers develop new skills to improve their personal performance and organizational effectiveness and success.

How You Will Benefit

Upon successful course completion, the participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize opportunities for self-development
  2. Demonstrate openness and approachability to employees at all levels
  3. Support learning before, during, and after learning experiences to maximize effectiveness
  4. Identify EI fundamentals
  5. Identify situations that require a change in approach, and adapt accordingly
  6. Recognize effective approaches to lead organizational change

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, managers, or executives who have at least one year of current supervisory experience and who want a clearer picture of their leadership strengths and areas for development; Individuals in agency management or succession development programs who have at least a year of current supervisory experience

Additional Information

Meeting Times/Place

The seminar meets daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Friday.

Class Policies

All participants must meet attendance and performance criteria to successfully pass the course.

Information on Texts/Resources


Bradberry, T. & Greaves, J. (2009). Emotional Intelligence 2.0, San Diego, CA: TalentSmart

Faculty Evaluation

  1. In a formally structured half-day session, the participants receive feedback on selected instruments, and suggested actions for improving performance from trained executive coaches. The instruments reviewed are:

    • OPM Leadership 360
    • Everything DiSC Management Profile
    • Emotional Intelligence Appraisal
    • Change Style Indicator
    • Change Navigator

    The evaluation criteria include ensuring the participant understands the scientific basis for each instrument, its history and its application back on the job.

  2. Participants receive feedback on their Individual Development Action Plans (IDPs) from the LAP-II faculty. The IDPs are a reflection of the integrative thinking of the participants reflecting on their understanding of the above activities and their personal needs for leadership development. The result is a document that indicates what skills and/or behaviors they choose to develop further, what attitude (motivation) will help them to do that, and what methods might they use to monitor their progress and hold themselves accountable.

Professional Development Plan

Participants develop a written Individual development plan (IDP), receive feedback on the IDP from other participants, and then enlist the support of at least one other participant to follow-up to assess progress within 90 days.


  1. At the conclusion of the LAP-II, participants complete an overall course assessment which includes questions in such areas as: knowledge gained; perceived value of learning; and the degree to which they expect to improve their job performance.
  2. Group members evaluate and discuss personal performance and learning during activities and learning group discussions.


Unless the course is listed as RESIDENTIAL, lodging and meals are not included in the tuition.