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Center for Leadership Development
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Supervisory Development 2: Learning to Lead - ONLINE


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Successful frontline supervisors are able to balance the authority of formal supervision with the influence and rapport of leadership. Developing superior interpersonal skills is essential to success and this course will shape your approach to leading as you explore the motivations, values and behaviors of successful leaders.

You will develop coaching skills to manage performance and increase your understanding of personal preferences that guide your behavior and the behavior of others. To improve your own conflict resolution skills, you will explore several different conflict resolution styles that have proven effective.

Supervisory Development Seminar Week 2: Learning to Lead – Online covers the same materials as the second week of the in-residence seminar. Over the course of five weeks, participants communicate virtually in an online classroom, spending between six to eight hours working every week. The group meets weekly for a one-hour webinar, where the instructor will host guest experts, make reading assignments and lead discussions of current books and research. There are stated deadlines for assignments. This is not a self-paced course; the group works as an integrated cohort.

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain knowledge and skills under the Leading People Executive Core Qualification
  • Understand your motivations and those of others by exploring personal preferences
  • Identify and practice the critical communication skills necessary to engage in performance feedback and coaching for excellence
  • Develop effective communication skills for managing conflict as a supervisor
  • Network and learn from peers in other Federal agencies facing the opportunities and challenges of leadership and supervision

Who Should Attend

New frontline supervisors and existing supervisors who have not yet participated in formal leadership development.
Frontline supervisors who want to refresh their understanding and refine their approach to leadership.
Note: This seminar meets the the OPM regulation 5 CFR 410 requiring training for all new supervisors.